Scout In The Capitol

Scout is a wondering pup that is on her way to success. We had a great photo session at the Memory Grove Park and the State Capitol. I am excited to share this session with everyone. Utah is an amazing place to capture pet photogrraphy for you furry pals.

Some of the finished products that Scout's owner will have forever. 

Custom engraved wood box in gray with mounted prints, stand and USB

Custom engraved wood box in gray with mounted prints, stand and USB

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Rigby The Fun Size Maltipoo

If you look up the word 'FUN' in the dictionary you should find Rigby's picture next to that definition. We had an amazing time during our in studio pet photography session in Downtown, Salt Lake City, we laughed as he entertained us with his wicked humor. I've never seen so much personality in such a little dog! You can follow him and his adventures on his Instagram @Rigbyroo.Maltipoo

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We've Expanded!

Along with pet photography, we've expanded into designing some pretty adorable flowers that are attachable to your pet's collar. To order please visit our Etsy page

We even have a really cute model to model them :)

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Jack and Bear

One of my favorite places to do a photo session is Memory Grove in Downtown Salt Lake City. You get a little bit of everything there from, the park, historic monuments, a hiking trail and also the State Capitol.  

I really enjoyed working with Jack and Bear, they are the sweetest brothers I've ever met. I was so fortunate to work with them. 

The Finished Products 

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The Story Of Archer and Leo

I had an incredible time doing this shoot with Archer and Leo. They were both rescued, Archer from rescued from The Humane Society Of Utah  and Leo was found listed for free in a local newspaper.  They did an amazing job with posing and making sure I captured how happy they were. Even though we had to brave through the storm that came through during the shoot. We were still able to capture some amazing shots and it really did feel like we did a couple of different photoshoots all in one day! You would of thought the same! Enjoy! 

Leo, the little lion posed in the beach house at Daybreak Lake in South Jordan, Utah.  His brother Archer, showing off his tricks for treats.

Can you tell Archer is a mama's boy? His bond with her is like no other. 

Wildflower child :)

Leo and Archer makes those bow ties look amazing. You can find more of those bow ties at Paw By Paw in South Jordan, Daybreak. 

Things got pretty crazy with the storm moving through but it didn't stop us! Look at these dramatic photos we were able to capture. Even Leo and Archer laughed about it.

They even stopped to smell the flowers and took a break. 

Can you see the love in this tiny family? My heart melted a few times and back. 

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In Studio with Jib and Milly

What more can you ask for when doing a photoshoot? 2 puppy siblings! We did this photoshoot in studio with a lot of natural lighting. Overall, this photoshoot was fun and the photos turned out fantastic! You can follow Jib and Milly's daily adventure on their Instagram account @Goldentails_of_Jib_and_Milly


Good Times With Cora and Sylas

I had the pleasure to work with Cora and Sylas. They are both some of the smartest dogs I've ever met, they basically knew every trick in the books! It was so much fun working with both of them and their amazing trainer (furmom). You can tell she puts a lot of heart and sweat training them both for agility shows. Here's some of my favorites from the photoshoot. I hope you'll enjoy them too! 


A photoshoot isn't a photoshoot if we didn't have bloopers. This picture was taken right after we told Cora and Sylas to take a break for a moment. They sure took advantage of that! 

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